all day cafe

the all day cafe is a little place inside lonsdale quay that has been there for what seems like forever and it is awesome!  if i’m at the quay, this is usually my go-to place for a coffee.20150228_144731

aubrey had a tuna melt and a mocha while i had a kitsilano cookie and a latte.  everything was delicious!


they have all day breakfast and a good selection of baked goods.  they also have great drinks – both hot and cold!  and the staff are always super friendly.  it’s a great place to grab a beverage and/or a snack to go and then head outdoors: to the back of the quay, over to the pier or to waterfront park.  in all three locations, you can sit and take in the beautiful view of downtown vancouver, while you sip on your drink and munch on your snack from this wonderful little cafe 🙂

20150228_144809    20150228_144821    20150228_144745

a go-to outfit

you know when you have those days where nothing looks right?  even though you are trying on outfits that you have worn many times before?  i know it’s all in my head but sometimes, i feel blah in my own clothes.  that’s why i always have a go-to outfit.  it’s an outfit that always seems to work, when nothing else does.

right now, my daytime go-to outfit is skinnies, slip-ons, a denim shirt over a striped shirt and a scarf.  i have had this denim shirt for a few years now and it is so versatile!  i love the denim-on-denim look as well (aka the canadian tuxedo).


this outfit just seems to work whenever nothing else does.  however it is my go-to outfit for sunny days – i don’t seem to wear it on cloudy or rainy days…at least not yet!  the blues, the stripes, the exposed ankles and slip-ons make this perfect for spring!


this outfit is comfortable and can be worn to many occasions.  i’ve worn it out for coffee, brunch and to a baby shower (in seattle, where they’re pretty casual).  i can walk around all day in it too because my slip-ons are super comfy!

DSC_0758 DSC_0722 DSC_0756

what’s your go-to outfit?


wearing:  shoes – dkny, jeans –  american eagle, striped shirt – joe fresh, denim shirt – h&m, bag – chapters/indigo, sunglasses – tom ford, scarf – it was a gift, i’m not sure where it’s from

location:  lonsdale quay, north vancouver

photos:  aubrey

pure bread

so…our first outing since we decided to start this blog was to pure bread on hastings and cambie in vancouver.  and it was tasty!


i did find it a bit overwhelming though…there is so much choice in baked goods!  i finally settled for a favourite of mine – lemon loaf.  and it was very nice and lemony 🙂  aubrey got a bacon mushroom quiche and a salted caramel dessert and she enjoyed her selections as well!

20150214_135512     20150214_135929     image_2

the coffee is from stumptown coffee roasters and my latte was delicious.  i asked for no foam and got exactly what i asked for!


it’s definitely a nice space – the high ceilings give it a very airy feel.  a great place to go with a friend for a pastry, coffee and a good chat.  but it is small.  we were lucky to get a table. and it’s busy!  the line-up was never-ending.


if you ever find yourself in this area, make sure to stop in!