a little more about Aubrey…


I am Aubrey and I am in my 30’s….

Are you still “IN” your thirties if you are closer to 40 than 30? Anyhoo that’s a subject we can discuss at a later time.


I am a stay-at-home mom to a sweet 5 year old boy and a mischievous 1 year old girl. I am finding that coffee is my new best friend. Seriously this little lady of ours is going to be TROUBLE!

I have an unconditional love for design, be it in the form of interior, graphic or fashion. Exploring this gorgeous city we live in with one my BFF’s  is  my ideal way to spend an afternoon (away from my crazy family) 

“From A two A” is where Alma and I get to share with you all our fabulous finds!!

Just between you and me I may throw in some of my thoughts on design and what the latest fabulousness I am coveting is….

You have been warned, and I bet you are a little intrigued too.

I am so happy that you stopped by!



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