Neutrals are a natural pick

When designing a room I feel that a neutral palette is the way to go! I applaud those of you that are able to design your living spaces with bold permanent pieces!  I need to be able to switch up my space within in an hour if I want to. I know I am not alone in this! I am right? When I say “neutral” this is what I am seeing in my head……


How GORG are these spaces?

A neutral palette lets you have the option to change your mind as many times as your little heart desires.

Say you want to create a beachy relaxed space? It is as easy as adding your favourite beach artwork, a few linen  coloured pillows (how about turquoise!), tea lights in mason jars full of sand …oh and don’t forget the piece of coral!


photo 2photo 1photo 3-2

There you have it a beachy room!

Neutral spaces allow you to play dress up with your living spaces all year long. Will a neutral palette be your next pick?



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