pure bread

so…our first outing since we decided to start this blog was to pure bread on hastings and cambie in vancouver.  and it was tasty!


i did find it a bit overwhelming though…there is so much choice in baked goods!  i finally settled for a favourite of mine – lemon loaf.  and it was very nice and lemony 🙂  aubrey got a bacon mushroom quiche and a salted caramel dessert and she enjoyed her selections as well!

20150214_135512     20150214_135929     image_2

the coffee is from stumptown coffee roasters and my latte was delicious.  i asked for no foam and got exactly what i asked for!


it’s definitely a nice space – the high ceilings give it a very airy feel.  a great place to go with a friend for a pastry, coffee and a good chat.  but it is small.  we were lucky to get a table. and it’s busy!  the line-up was never-ending.


if you ever find yourself in this area, make sure to stop in!

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